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Global family of B2B professional services with unified culture and approaches forged through partnerships with game changers

we speak future perfect.

our mission is To influence the global business * landscape by creating a world where companies face no obstacles to their growth and success.

With over a decade of experience, we have collected a range of solutions - universal or specifically crafted - that allow us to support any aim, stage, and size of a business, regardless of its unique challenges.

[ Industries ]




B2B professional services

Real estate


[ Areas of expertise ]

Legal, M&A, Taxes

Intellectual Property & Personal Data

Branding and marketing

Financial consulting: project analysis and business models

Scaling to global markets

Assistance with strategies to launch new products in new markets

main projects[ 3 ]

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Legal and finance support for launching projects worldwide

We crack operational specifics of a country for you particular business needs and help to start or relocate your business anywhere in the world.

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Full spectrum of legal services for global corporations

We protect intellectual rights and personal data, build tax structures for the functioning and accompany investment projects for businesses of all sizes. Precisely.

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Solve the clues, unleash success

For each of game development, IT, fintech, and media, we have our magic advisory that provide legal consulting services. We help our clients tackle their distinct challenges and problems in this labyrinth of innovation.

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in what we trust

we built the futura eco-system on 5 ground principles:

we built the futura eco-system on 5 ground principles:

[ hunger ]

By satisfying the hunger for new knowledge and growth, we help companies stay competitive, thrive in today's dynamic business environment and stay ahead of the curve.

[ vision ]

The approach is key. Our solutions embody breakthrough thinking — combining the best of standard and non-standard approaches.

[ passion ]

We’re obsessed about helping you win. We tackle every challenge with burning interest and a sincere desire. With engagement, proactivity, and initiative, we deliver results through perseverance and high energy.

[ synergy ]

We integrate resources, cooperate, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships. With team spirit, complementarity of skills, and trust, we learn from each other and deliver clarity and concise solutions to our clients

[ Aesthetics ]

We prioritize simplicity, purity, and clarity in all our interactions and culture, fostering transparency and accessibility for our clients.

Join the futura ecosystem

by parthnering with us,  gain access to our infrastructure and HR, operational, and legal resources.

Access to the customer database

Values and team

Brand and marketing

Financial planing

Synergy of expertise and partnerships

communication, sales, project management

Global expansion

Access to the customer database

Values and team

Brand and marketing

Financial planing

Synergy of expertise and partnerships

communication, sales, project management

Global expansion

criteria to join[ 2 ]

Team, leader, vision

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  • Focus on the quality of the product or service
  • Aiming to be the market leader
  • Holding deep market knowledge
  • High growth potential

Market and product potential

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  • You already have a working product and business, or have a successful track record
  • No geographical limitations - targeting a global market.
  • We are open to create a product or service that may not be easily scalable but holds significant value and is crafted to the highest standard.
  • You love your product and the process of continuous improvement
  • It is a natural complement to the overall ecosystem, serving customers of other Futura companies.

Become a part of the Futura * ecosystem

Become a part of the Futura * ecosystem

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